Parish Wish List Bulletin Board

One aspect of the job as Diocesan Director is to help with the relocation of unused vestments and other sacristy equipment.  If you have a specific need, please contact me to see if I may have an item your sacristy may require.  Stoles, copes, acolyte cottas and cassocks, low Mass sets, and some metalware items are currently in inventory,  If you have items you wish to clear out of your sacristy, I am happy to drive to your church to pick them up for relocating to a new home.  All items are repaired and cleaned before going to new parishes.  Every effort is made to place donated items within the state of Rhode Island to other Episcopal parishes whenever possible.  Items which are not required in-state are sent to mission churches in need in the United States and Africa.  Please email me at if you have a specific need or wish to list your needed item here on the website.  I will be happy to send a photograph of any item I have in inventory which may fit the requirement.


3 thoughts on “Parish Wish List Bulletin Board”

  1. Number 4 Sim City for Catholic Kids the EWTN Kids website I loved it! Absolutely loved it. And I’m no kid eitehr. Absolutely loved it. I went to the Church and took a tour, and they had the church decorated like an old church! With the tabernacle in the High Altar! And votive candles to the side! And the Communion Rail!!! It could have been the inside of my current church if everything had been green! (As my parish is St Patrick’s ; )) And then I took a tour of the sacristy and I’m an adult altar server/minister so it was AWESOME to get to go through the cabinets and draws and have everything pronounced correctly with the correct definition! AND the Rose Vestment was in the closet!! My priest wore that for Lent this year and he had to explain that it was ROSE and not pink and the times when he would wear that apparently it’s not really done anymore and it’s something only the old time priests (and old time’ parishioners) would know anything about it.I absolutely loved the site! : )Thanks!Adrianne

  2. Thanks, Father. I found your blog about the time you were talking about your life near Belleville I grew up near St. Louis. I work with a group of seairanimns and they love to talk about their call and get such inspiration from others’ stories. Please don’t keep us waiting!God Bless You!

    • Good luck and God bless you in your many tasks as you endeavor to set up a sacisrty. There are many helpful tips on this site. There is a helpful SEARCH box on the home page where you can type in your topic, as well as catagory navigation links in the sidebar. I have kept an eye open in my community for churches which are merging with other parishes, being sold or selling off interior fittings or even renovating. These are often great places to find furniture at a bargain. Auctions, antique stores, Craig’s List, and even EBAY has offered chasuble presses, or handsome dressers with wide drawers at good price. Google CHURCH FURNITURE and you will find unfinished wooden cupboards and cabinets. I prefer flat storage to hanging storage. Once I was lucky to work in a parish where we had a handyman who made a magnificent chasuble press of oak with wide drawers to my specifications. Often a donor may be found to give this vital piece of furnishing as a memorial. It is not a complicated piece of furniture. Oak is excellent and lasts forever. Always buy quality even if it costs a little more. Sacristy fittings should be bought with a view to lasting a long time. Long after we are gone! Send us photos as you make progress!

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