Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1.  How can I comment on posts?

A.  At the top of every post there is a “No Comments” or if a comment has been posted it will say 1 comment, 2 comments, etc. CLICK ON the words and a small box will open (Leave A Reply) up in which you may type in a question or a comment about that particular post.  You do not have to leave your name, Anonymous will appear instead.  Your personal email address or any private information will NOT SHOW to the public.  Then hit the “submit” button.  You will not see your comment immediately as I screen all comments before approving them for publication. This keeps spam and unsuitable material from appearing on our web site.  This is a site for YOU and all altar guild workers- please comment and offer your tips and suggestions and ask questions.  The interactive nature of this format is just why it was chosen.

Q. How often is new material posted?

A. I generally post something new twice a week.

Q. What happens to old posts?

A. Any post ever published is always viewable.  Ten posts are on the main page, then over that number, the oldest ones get archived.  Every post is put into a catagory which you can find on the right side of the main page.  If you cannot remember the name of the post, there is a black SEARCH BOX at the very top of the far left hand column of the page.  Type in “wine stains”, or whatever topic you want to know about and hit your ENTER key. Any post relevant to the topic you type in will pop up on a page and then you can click on each individual post to view all entries.

Q. Can I post information about my altar guild activities, workshops, field trips, member information, etc. here .

A. YES!  Please do!

Q. How can I relocate unused and unwanted vestments and materials and equipment?

A. Please email me at and I will come to your church to pick up anything unneeded.  I relocate items to diocesan parishes, churches in the state of Rhode Island, New Orleans parishes devastated by hurricane Katrina, and African mission churches.

Q. What does a Diocesan Directress do and will you make parish visits?

A. Depending on the diocese, the diocesan director provides a contact for all parish directresses, serves as a resource for supply ideas, contacts, new products, sacristy tips, workshops, enrichments,etc, and is “on-call” if needed as a speaker for altar guild meetings and workshops. In some dioceses, the Diocesan Altar Guild Director maintains a separate Diocesan Altar Guild which has its own officers.  Rhode Island does not have such an organization.  I am, however, hoping to have an annual meeting of all parish directresses, which I think will be helpful in learning your needs and concerns. Yes, I will be happy to come and visit your parish altar guild and sacristy. There is no cost involved in a parish visit or workshop.

Q. How do I submit articles and photos for this website for publication?

A. I can accept most word documents (Microsoft Works, Word, Wordpad) and photos are best at 200 dpi resolution and sent as a tiff, jpeg, or gif type file. I will set up a link here on the site for articles and photographs of your church gardens, flowers, events, meetings, etc. If you need to have a photo scanned, I can do that and format it for you for internet use. Any hard copy article or photo may be mailed to me at P.O. Box 86 North Stonington, CT 06359.


7 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. dutchq said:

    I am fond of old sewing resource pamphlets and books concerning the church. Is there any way that some of the older print material be made available? In particular, does anyone have an old copy of the pamphlet that came with CM Almy sewing kits, or with any of the old altar guild books? Can we share this or is that forbidden? Thanks!

    • we are looking for sgneustiogs on storing our altar hangings in a closet rather than folded in a drawer. any names of companies who make that type of storage closet for churches? we are located in bucks county pa. thanks!

  2. shawn skene said:

    The knot at the end of a rope belt has come undone. Are there instructions or a knot name i can research to re-do the knot?

  3. I have some older ciboria that are showing signs of rust where the lids fit around the lip. It is making it hard to remove and replace the lid. Is there anything I can do to remove the rust?

    • I am the lady in the wheelchair and sceootr, that moved south to Diamond Cove at the end of the summer , so am attending St.Pauls in Sundance again, Fergus tells me he went to Unil with you Brian . I miss your great sermons and your friendly parish. I will be coming tomorrow, after lunch, as I did not want to miss this great event. I have a book written by Archdeacon SWANSONS daughter re his life up north, in Leth, in Calgary at St.Stephens. I saw his picture in your hallway of ministers from yesteryear , so that is how I Knew of his presence in your parish, and then when I was given the book by a friend who has a cottage in Waterton, I put 2 and 2 together. Their cabin inWaterton, is the parish cabin now for the little Anglican church in Waterton. I thought I would bring it along to show you and Cathy, and then it would be an excuse for you to return it, coming down south , in this big city of ours . You may have already seen this, but I will bring it along anyway, and if you are not there when I am, I will leave it on the table in the Narthex, with a note on it, Hope that will work. Looking forward to t he event tomorrow.

  4. New Sacristan! said:

    I was appointed Sacristan of a small parish and I am hoping to establish some new norms that had not been put into practice previously (to any great standard!)
    They have kept their frontals, altar cloths and linens in boxes in a chest. No drawers, no care for the age and sacredness of the fabric and items themselves. I would like to rectify this!
    Vestments are kept in the attached Rectory, where there is a large, appropriate closet for such things, so that’s less of an issue for me. I have them on proper hangers and covered.
    I have the sacred vessels in a metal-lined lockable cedar cabinet at the Church (which existed, but wasn’t in use for this previously!)
    However, I would like to keep altar cloths, linens, frontals and the seasonal burse, maniple, chalice veils, etc., in a cabinet of sorts.
    I would also like to keep all candles, their accessories (followers, tapers, incense, etc.) and cleaning & polishing supplies in another appropriate cabinet.
    I lay out vestments (for priest & deacon) so I am seeking a large, functional, and (ideally) attractive cabinet. The early 1900s church has nice warm oak and I’d like to keep the integrity of the space by having them be made of wood or at least not be blatantly modern. Any ideas where I could look / how I could go about finding something reasonable, functional and what the best way to go about all of this would be? I would truly appreciate your help – the information on your site has already helped me immensely! Thank-you and blessings!

    • Good luck and God bless you in your many tasks as you endeavor to set up a sacristy. There are many helpful tips on this site. There is a helpful SEARCH box on the home page where you can type in your topic, as well as catagory navigation links in the sidebar. I have kept an eye open in my community for churches which are merging with other parishes, being sold or selling off interior fittings or even renovating. These are often great places to find furniture at a bargain. Auctions, antique stores, Craig’s List, and even EBAY has offered chasuble presses, or handsome dressers with wide drawers at good price. Google CHURCH FURNITURE and you will find unfinished wooden cupboards and cabinets. I prefer flat storage to hanging storage. Once I was lucky to work in a parish where we had a handyman who made a magnificent chasuble press of oak with wide drawers to my specifications. Often a donor may be found to give this vital piece of furnishing as a memorial. It is not a complicated piece of furniture. Oak is excellent and lasts forever. Always buy quality even if it costs a little more. Sacristy fittings should be bought with a view to lasting a long time. Long after we are gone! Send us photos as you make progress!

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