Our pall needs urgent change. Do you still offer instructions and material for a pall including the insert? Would appreciate the help. There are very little resources and finding this information in your site has been miraculous!!!Wanda

Thanks for your email!  If your chalice pall has an acrylic square insert, you can easily wash the whole thing without taking it apart. I like to soak palls in BIZ laundry powders.  Rinse thoroughly and lay the pall on a white towel after blotting out most of the water. Then let it dry on a sunny window ledge and the linen will shrink tight around the insert again.

If you have a cardboard or oak tag insert, just open up the pall seam, remove it and wash the pall in the same manner other small linens are washed.  I like the acrylic liners. You can order linen, inserts, embroidery floss and instructions from http://www.churchlinens.com/ Bunny’s book, Sewing Church Linens is available at Amazon and on Ebay and is a must-have for every sacristy. Pall making is not a difficult task and a simple central motif can be done by even new embroiderers.