This item in last week. The reader wants to know why the lower part of this fiddleback chasuble is “whited out” I have seen albs with rectangular “apparels” attached by thread or snaps. These apparels are usually on the cuffs or hem (front and back). Amices may also have apparels and they are quite a beautiful addition, being made of silk damask in the liturgical colors. 

Dalmatics and tunicles have “clavi” ( a costume element from the Roman Senate) or rectangles of contrasting color and usually matching orphrey work on the vestment, sewed along the front and back center hem. If the dalmatic has one clavus, the tunicle will have none. From time to time you may see a tunicle with one clavus and the dalmatic to the Mass set with two clavi, although this seems to be pretty rare in the recent designs. The sub deacon wears the tunicle, the dalmatic may be worn by the Crucifer and/or Deacon. A pair of matching dalmatics is often seen for these purposes in a sacristy closet.  The Crucifer, in years gone by wore white gloves while bearing the processional Cross.

  In the illustration provided by our reader below, I am not sure why the rectangle at the bottom is whited out. It may be simply that the design illustration was not finished. I have purchased line drawings for old vestment catalogues over the years, some hand-tinted, which have been unfinished. Please write in if you have any other thoughts on this illustration.