Very few churches have the luxury of air-conditioning in the humid months, and vestments take a beating in the weeks of high humidity.  Always be sure every vestment is completely dry before putting back in the closet or drawer.  The necklines of vestments, especially chasubles and stoles receive the most damage.  At one time stole protectors were seen on every stole in inventory.  Some were very fancy linen affairs, heavily trimmed with handmade lace.  A stole protector can be plain and serviceable or ornate.  It should be applied with a basting stitch so that it can be removed for laundering.  Even a wide bit of cotton lace can be used as a protector. In this age of seldom-seen amices, the neckline of expensive vestments can be prolonged in good repair by the use of stole protectors.  Here are a few from St. Veronica’s Guild. Remember to keep your sacristy extra spotless, well-aired, and dehumidified during the summer months when all manner of mildew, pollen, mold spores and other pollutants are in the air.