Twice a year the beautiful rose vestments come out of storage.  I often receive requests for rose vestments, and no other color is so hard to supply. In fact, I have never received a set of rose vestments to relocate. There’s always plenty of green, and a fair amount of white vestments .  Red and violet are more difficult.  Since rose is used only twice a year in Lent and Advent (Laetare and Gaudete Sundays), they remain in storage and in great condition with minimum fading and wear.  Some parishes have had their rose vestments for over a century!  Conceived as a “refreshment” from the penitential season’s violet or purple, the rose candle and rose hangings and vestments are much-enjoyed by the congregation.  Below is a handsome High Solemn Mass set featuring chasuble, tunicle and dalmatic. I am sorry I cannot identify the clergy, the parish is All Saints. Do you have a photo of your rose set to share?