The unbelievable happened- our former address was stolen right from under my nose when the domain expired without my receiving a renewal. I have had to register under a new domain name. This one is secure now for five years.  Please change your links and booksmarks to

You will note that the only change is .com to .org  Am I distressed over this? You bet!  Apparently it is perfectly legal.  Any individual can watch a site with high traffic and scoop up the traffic for any product by jumping on the name of the site when it expires and keeping its content on the site under fraudulent usage.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience, and I imagine this is a lesson for us all in these “modern times”.  The internet is a ruthless place with not a great deal of courtesy and a great deal of unscrupulousness. I guess I should be thankful that the new site owner is only advertising pills. The more clicks to the site they get, the more cash they earn- so what they wanted was our high number of accesses daily, not information on altar guilds!  It could be worse. So, welcome to the new address which is now protected!