This Sunday, November 21st will mark the Feast of Christ the King, or on some calendars, the Reign of Christ.  This is a “white feast” using your very best sacristy frontal of white, gold or silver or perhaps white with a touch of the metallics.  This can be a wonderful Sunday for special flowers before the simple greens of Advent will take precedence.  Golden yellow and white flowers in shining brass vases are a good choice, with any statues or shrines of Christ embellished especially for this feast.  The photo above is the high altar at St. John the Evangelist, Newport.  With a central tabernacle, the arrangement is easily accomplished with a plastic window box liner and three bricks of Oasis fitted on the gradine behind the tabernacle with the height of the roses soaring up behind the altar cross.  Allow a little extra time Saturday for the team to prepare for this important feast. 


*Advent rings should now be at the florist if you are sending out for your Advent wreath.  Last year’s Advent candles, if they are still tall enough to use again this year, may be refreshed with a little salad oil on a soft cloth.  The shine should return with some buffing.  Trim the wicks and clean any debris from the candle burning “well”.  It is helpful to use a candle follower on the Advent candle wicks either of brass or glass and keep the wreath positioned out of drafts to ensure even burning.