With hurricane Earl on the way up the cost and the news that we have had 33 days thus far of over 90 degree days this long summer, what a blessing to contemplate Autumn on the doorstep.  Sacristies are smelling fusty, flowers are wilting on the altar, and just about everything needs a cleaning and freshening.  I have been in hospital with kidney stones and tooth extractions and am now glad to be back at the computer.  Most gardens have taken such a beating this summer in churchyards everywhere, I decided to postpone our church garden crawl until next spring- May looks like a good month.

I recently was looking at a beautiful frontal which was done by the Sisters of St. John Baptist, when the order was in New York.  It was done for the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in Newport for St. John the Evangelist on burnt red-orange velvet and has the 7 sacraments in symbols with angels.  I shall dig out a photo of this to post tonight. It made me visually try to recollect all the symbols for the sacraments.  Without looking at the drawing below- can you remember the sacraments and their symbols!?