Remember the days when orchid corsages could be bought in local grocery stores for Grandmother or Mom to wear on Easter Sunday? Sometimes Stop and Shop has them in individual paper boxes for about six dollars with the pearl-tipped corsage pin and a ribbon.

Orchids make wonderful and extremely long-lasting flowers for Easter decoration, whether cut or potted in soil. Home Depot has a large selection now featuring cymbidiums and dendrobia orchids, all with many blooms in the 15-19 dollar range. Potted orchids can often be inserted in their pots in a silver or brass vase or low compote-style container and topped with a bit of moss to produce a beautiful decoration for a side altar, chapel, or other small spot, or pots can be grouped together for a larger display.  The colors are lovely for Easter, ranging from creamy whites to lavender, violet, magenta, chartreuse, sunny yellow and combinations of colors on one blossom.  You will be amazed at how easy to care for orchids can be and how long they will last long after Eastertide. Orchids- a Good Thing.