Nurseries around the state are beginning to put out Spring planting stock.  April is a good time for transplanting shrubs and trees.  Instead of ordering only bulb flowers for Easter decorating, you might want to consider one or two flowering shrubs.  These give great height in the Maundy garden, and best of all, after Easter these can be transplanted on the church grounds where they will keep giving for years. The shrub above is one variety of spirea commonly called Bridal Veil. Think of the possibilities of having this to use for weddings!  Most flowering shrubs are low-maintainance and will start producing cutting material in the first year.  A forsythia I planted back in 2002 is now enormous and provides wonderful willowy stems for forcing now and throughout the month of April.  It is a big return for the investment.   There are so many varieties and colors to choose from- ask the nurseryman what grows well in your area.  Hydrangeas are a great choice for church gardens near the sea.  The acidity of your soil will affect the color of the blossoms.  Don’t overlook flowering quince, buddleia, lilacs, flowering almond, shrub roses, Rose of Sharon, and my favorite, flowering quince which comes in many shades from pale salmon to fiery red.