Happy New Year!  I have been down with the flu bug along with many others for the past two weeks.  I am hoping you have taken many great photos of your church decorated for Christmas and will share with us here. 

The catalogues are starting to come into my office so it must be January!  I love looking through all of the religious goods catalogues and finding new items.  You may want to keep one of those stand-up storage files in your sacristy for your supply catalogues.  Almy’s and Egan’s usually are sent routinely to the church office, but all companies will be delighted to send a catalogue and sometimes even fabric swatches and samples upon request.  If you have a good resource, please send me the company name so we can share it here. I will be posting catalogue resources this year beginning with Monastery Icons http://www.monasteryicons.com/

The company has a beautiful line of icons.  I ordered the St. Damiano crucifix to the left a few years ago for Taize prayer services.  You will enjoy surfing their website for cards, beautiful jewelry, statues, garden statuary, Celtic designs, incense, banners, and many other kinds of religious items.  There is a link on the site to request a free catalogue.  Perhaps someone in your altar guild will be appointed to maintain a catalogue supply archive for your sacristy.  It is always a help to have a catalogue with photos at the ready when a donor comes forward wishing to donate an item to the church.