While searching out last year’s boxed cards, I found a few photos from 2000 at St. John the Evangelist in Newport.  I will post some of these over the next few days leading up to Christmas Eve.  This one is probably a good one for this weekend as I imagine all over America the Altar Guild has been busy polishing brass and silver! How I wish I had a digital camera back in those days! 

This was our first “”white Christmas”- no red poinsettias.  The altar frontal was our oldest dating to about the building of the church in 1893.  This was the year of taking out all of our old brass, polishing it like the top of the Chrysler Building(which took weeks of hard work) – and putting up the huge altar cross which had been given from historic Trinity church when St. John’s was a mission on The Point.  The altar decoration was copied identically from one of the oldest photos in the church archive. I forget exactly how many candles went up- over 40- but Father said the heat was terrific and he needed oven mitts and an asbestos chasuble!

What did our brass squad use? MAAS metal cleaner-much better than Brasso or Never Dull.  And for silver?- Wright’s silver cream!

Outside were white bag luminaries up and down the street and up the front steps of Washington St.  White velvet ribbons, white poinsettias and white roses on the altar-  truly a Night of Light to remember always.