Martha Stewart’s Crystal Glitter

I was excited to find Martha Stewart’s excellent fine glitter at Walmart’s yesterday.  This is the old-fashioned lovely stuff which has a glint like sun on new-fallen snow.  Although I run from a “Vegas” Christmas decor for churches in general, a touch of crystal or silvery glitter on natural branches, applied with a light hand, can add a whole new dimension.

A cardboard box lid makes a handy tray for overall “glittering”  of foliage and twigs. Spray adhesive (comes in a can like hairspray) is just the thing, applied lightly. Sprinkle glitter immediately over wet adhesive, wait a few moments, then tap off excess and catch it for reuse in the cardboard lid. For spot glittering, tacky glue, or other liquid adhesives and clear glues are effective. A few glittered twigs or sprigs of greens and foliage in pew ends catch the glow of candlelight in a darkened church on Christmas Eve night.  The aim is not to overdo the gilding and glittering!  A little will go a long way, and will look like the diamond glint of snow.

One year my decorating scheme was Glad Tidings By the Sea as our parish was right on Narragansett Bay.  We used strands of white  lights which were encased by scallop shells (still available at the Christmas Tree Shop), pearl roping, and many beautiful sand dollars and seashells just kissed with silver and crystal glitter, small aqua and silver balls, and feather sea gulls- lovely!

Natural silvery birch branches simply arranged in a garden urn (which may be faux-finished to look like wrought iron or stone) add a wintery touch without the glitter. No birch branches handy?  Any type of branch can receive a light aerosol spray painting of white or silver-nature’s own sculpture can’t be beat!  The aim is to achieve as natural a look as possible when gilding or applying glitter.  Red, green, blue, rainbow and other colored glitters will produce an artificial effect you will want to avoid like the flu!  Another product is Sno-flock which produces a white snowy coating on branches and greens.  This product has been around for many years, and with a controlled finger on the nozzle, can be used to get a wonderful snowy effect.  Glitter- it’s a GOOD thing.