advent%20insideHard to believe but the season after Pentecost is fast drawing to an end and already it is time to get your order in for Advent candles and to hunt up the Advent candle ring.   If you use a fresh green wreath from the florist, most shops appreciate an order placed two weeks before to guarantee you will get just what you need.  The Farmer’s Daughter (Kingston) and Schartner’s Farms (Exeter)make up a beautiful fresh green wreath to order if you drop off your ring.  With a little green wire you can purchase a fresh ring to fit and wire it to your frame yourself. 

Last year we ordered the 16 inch pillar candles which burned evenly and looked great with brass followers.  There is so much candle left that we plan to use them again this year.  Some candle companies will buy back used candles and give a wax credit, but usually this is for a Paschal candle and not for the purple and pink candles of Advent.  With the cost of a new set being in the 50-60 dollar range, it makes sense to use up what’s in the sacristy. To freshen last year’s candles, moisten a soft cotton cloth with vegetable oil such a Wesson, Crisco, etc., wipe the length of the candle to remove dull film and dust, then wipe off  the excess and buff the candles gently until they shine again.  Trim wicks neatly and the candle is all ready for another season.  Using a follower of brass or glass will help get the most out of any candle and will help to avoid wax drips and uneven burning.

Egan Church supplies offers a lower price if you use the online shopping option. Order this week and don’t forget to contact the florist for the fresh greens if you cannot make up a wreath.

If you get to Westerly during Advent, Christ Church has traditionally hung fresh boxwood wreaths on their doors with deep purple velvet bows which are exchanged for red on Christmas Eve.  Very pretty- and so is the new set of doors on the Elm Street side of Christ Church.