Hand_Embroidered_Pall_13It has been a busy month going through boxes of redundant and unused vestments and linens which have arrived from other churches for relocating.  It is like Christmas when these things appear in my office. I have quite a number of chalice pall inserts in various sizes and a good deal of linen remnants in various lengths.  If your altar guild would like to make a new chalice pall, I am able to send you the insert (either cardboard, plexiglass or metal) and enough linen with an iron-on transfer and making directions to make a pall. They are really not very hard to do. (Revdma@aol.com )

I will be putting up a slideshow this weekend of some of the pretty embroideries I have seen over the summer and of some of the vestments I have relocated.  My project for the autumn is documenting needlepoint in the Diocese of Rhode Island.  Back in 1995 I did a program on this fascinating topic for the ECW but now we have digital photography, I think I can get better results.  Rhode Island does have some LOVELY kneelers and other needlepoint items.  Please let me know if your sacristy is in need of something in particular- I may just have it-and my husband will be delighted to see more “church things” exit our burgeoning front parlor!

What beautiful weather we are having! – just the right time to air out our sacristy closets and drawers after the muggy August we endured.  September is a time for starting the back-to-church season with all its many programs on a fresh note.