How well did you do?  You may have to go to Rome to see an umbralino or umbraculum!

1. Holy water pot, vat or aspersorium

2. Holy water sprinkler or aspergillum

3. and 3a Thurible and incense boat

4. Processional cross

5. Baldacchino(also baldicchino) canopy

6. Umbraculum or umbralino

7. Torch( for processions)

8. Lantern (for processions)

9. Candlestick

10. Paschal candlestand

11. Triangular candlestand or hearse (used for Tenebrae)

12. Triple candle stick stand

13. Bobeche (to catch drips beneath candles)

14. Patent candle burner

15. Candle lighter and extinguisher (snuffer)

16. Missal stand or tabor