cleaning_church_webHere we are at last, preparing for our busiest week in the calendar year.  In churches all over the state altar guild workers are planning for Wednesday’s making of the Chapel of Repose and the many services to come after.  Some may have to make this special place on Thursday morning.  The flowers are ordered, the new Paschal candle is safe in its tall box, the charcoal and needs for the new fire have been assembled.  Plenty of wine and bread or wafers are at the ready, the white vestments are clean and pressed, and many this Saturday will be polishing the silver, washing the floors, waxing the wood, and dusting energetically.  As you begin your work Saturday morning, or pause at the noon day prayers- think of all of your fellow workers across the state, doing the same humble tasks for the Great Feast of all feasts.  Pray for the health and strength of your clergy as they prepare to lead us through Holy Week and into the glory of Easter morning.

flower-arrangingCome Saturday evening at the Great Vigil, everything will sparkle, the linen will lie fresh and crisp on the altar, the sweet smell of lilies (without pollen) and hyacinths will perfume the air, and the wood and brass will glow in the candlelight. Every detail has been considered, every need and requirement fulfilled, as we sit back in our pew and rejoice that we have done all we can do to make ready for the greatest of Sundays.

Wishing you all strength, patience, good health and energy throughout this week- and great joy on Easter morning.