candlering3The hardest part of floral decoration is usually finding the proper mechanic which will hold a block of wet Oasis flower foam where you want to put it.  It is a custom in the UK and America to decorate the Paschal candle for Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday morning.  ideally the candle should continue to be decorated for a full forty days, but two weeks is good to aim for at the least.  The photo at the left shows the mechanic in place- a lowly jello mold ring!  These can be found almost anywhere for very little money and they work beautifully.  The center hole comes in a variety of diameters- if the one you find is too large, a cuff of aluminum foil can contour around the candle with no difficulty. Plastic molds or bundt cake tins will also work although metal pans seem to have a better weight and sit firmly on the candle socket. The Paschal candle in the photo below was done for Christmas at Church of the Epiphany in East Providence using the jello ring. This demonstration was done in a workshop in November. Fine fern, baby’s breath and small white roses are used.




Always use fresh Oasis, do not put in and pull out flowers repeatedly as this clogs up the stems.  Some drooping or vine-like foilage is good for the first layer as it drops gracefully around the candlestick.  All ferns and ivy or beaded eucalyptus (used in the photo above) will look wonderful.  Then long-lasting sturdy flowers such as white daisy poms, small shrub roses, alstromeria, and miniature carnations will hold up a long time.  Baby’s breath, caspia, statice or wax flower make nice filler flowers.  Be sure to soak the Oasis brick at least one hour to obtain maximum absorption- 2 hours is even better unless you are using the quick-soak Oasis (this will be marked on the wrapper or box). When wet, Oasis is easy to carve into neat chunks which will fit around your jello ring.  The Oasis company does make a pre-formed ring but it does not hold up well when filled with a lot of flower stems and holds very little water.  If you use the jello or cake ring, you can water the arrangement daily and the ring will catch and hold the water.  Bundt pan shown below (upside down).bundt_pan1