The video below comes from St. Wilfrid’s in England.  I must confess to being a fan of the English approach to church flowers. The video below will give you some ideas for next week.  The pale flowers are very effective for Easter- pale pastels and a great deal of the use of white flowers including lilies.  Hopefully your cut forsythia is beginning to open up nicely for Palm Sunday and with some luck it should hang on for the Chapel of Repose on Thursday if kept out of the sun and cool. Church Easter flower donation envelopes should be coming in steadily, and your order should be placed at the nursery now for delivery.

Decorating for Easter Sunday morning can be one time in the year we can get exuberant and “over the top”. Don’t neglect the front doors of the church. A willow basket filled with daffs or tulips, pussy willows and forsythia will welcome visitors and passersby. A cheery bouquet just inside the front door is a real English touch, and a welcome sight for those pausing inside to be seated.  Even a little arrangement or pot of Spring tulips in the sacristy or choir vesting room brings the joy of Easter to those folks who are part of the service to come. 

There’s no better time for baskets or bulb gardens for the windows. Lovely terracotta pot gardens featuring bulbs in various heights can nestle on window sills and will keep bloom for a good long time if tended.  Baskets filled with pastel statice, heather, forsythia, wax flower, daisy mums and baby’s breath can give a wildflowery, just picked from the meadow look, and have the bonus of being airy and tall.

I always like to tuck in a little surprise for the children to find- a small carved wooden bird, a real bird’s nest, or a bought one with a bit of moss, naturalistic feather butterflies, beautiful pebbles or stones, twisted willow branches, one perfect little bird’s egg (artificial of course). Michael’s Craft store has many little treasures such as these.

My favorite potted plants are johnny jump-ups and pansies or violas. You can get a flat, or individual small green pots.  They make excellent fill-ins between big pots, or as a border at the bottom of a garden layout in a chapel, base of the chancel steps or bottom of the rood screen.  These hearty little plants can also be transferred outside early as they can take the cool weather. Then you will enjoy them well into the hot month of July before they finally get leggy and must be cut back.

We will be talking Easter flowers this week !  Throw out all that used and crumbly old dry Oasis full of holes. The green Oasis foam bricks should not be reused. This is the time to get fresh bricks for the Easter arrangements.

Easter Flower Display