Hallelujah! Yes, the source is found for those lovely gold crosses.  It has taken me awhile to find Mrs. Newell, who had the cross designed by a friend who was a priest. The company is in Rhode Island and still has the mold or die and will accept a minimum order of 100 pins. There is a small increase in price as the cost of the gold plating and buffing process has increased since 2005 (the year of the last order). The pins at that time sold for $4.50 each and I am glad to report that the new price is only one dollar more at $5.50 each.

This pin is apparently worn all over the Province I area, and not just Rhode Island, as I recently heard from our Provincial Directress, and is especially popular in Massachusetts.  So, if you received the round parish guild pin at the Cathedral last weekend, I think we could wear that as a sign of our parish guild, and if you wish, the gold Diocesan cross above it. That’s what I plan to do.  Now, the thing is to get together an order.  I must have at least 100 pins to get an order together. If you wish pins for your guild-and this request goes out to ALL of Province I, please email me at Revdma@aol.com and let me know your church, city and how many pins you need.  I think it will not take long to get enough for an order together.  Stay tuned for updates!