willowsHard to believe but Palm Sunday is fast approaching.  Stop and Shop grocery chain has bunches of silvery pussy willow stems for sale at $4.99 per bunch and also bunches of cut forsythia .  These two items make wonderful additions to the green palms on the altar behind the cross and in vases on Palm Sunday.  This is the weekend to cut your forsythia for forcing.  Cut long stems, put in room temperature water and store in the garage or porch by Monday.  If the florettes are not opening fast enough by next Wednesday, bring them into the warm house and they should be open for Sunday morning.  Home Depot and Walmart have fabulous Majestic palms reasonably priced at the moment- these look great in natural wicker baskets.  Our palms arrived from Egan’s yesterday-the new Eco Palms. They are staying wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator.  A cool cellar or garage will also do for palm storage. Keep the moisture in by keeping the heavy plastic bags closed tight. This is also a good week for checking your Paschal candle to make sure it is not broken in shipping and that your incense nails are in the shipping box.  The annual Easter flower appeal should begin this Sunday in the Sunday bulletin, with envelopes or donation forms in handy places around the church hall and at the back of the church. Remember, Easter flowers may not only be memorials, but may be given in honor of someone, or in thanksgiving for blessings received.  In some parishes the Paschal candle may be sponsored by a church group or individuals. Orders for flowers and potted plants should be given to nurseries and florists as soon as possible to guarantee receiving the best service, delivery and quality plants and flowers.