cathedralsjEmail and questions are still coming in for our Altar Guild Gathering on Saturday, the 28th.  If you are planning to have members receive their pins during the service, please come to the Cathedral early with your pins and give them to me at the back of the nave by 8:45 so they may be placed on the altar for the blessing and distribution.

Each church will be called up to the foot of the altar to receive their pin from the Dean and Bishop.

What to wear?  Well, many but not all guilds wear a simple dark skirt and blazer with a white blouse and small cross when they assemble as a guild in public.  You may wish to do this if it is you custom, otherwise, whatever you usually wear on Sunday morning to church will be fine!

Who is hosting the coffee hour?  The members of the Cathedral Altar Guild and ECW. 

Speakers: Mrs. Nancy Feid, Provincial Directress, Mr. Robert Egan,

Special tour of the cathedral and sacristy after the presentation will be given by The Very Rev. Harry E. Krauss- a tour which is NOT to be missed!

If your entire guild or directress cannot attend, think about sending one member to report on the event to your guild at its next meeting.

A Morehouse Publishing book and supply table will be set up at the coffee hour. Checks will be the preferred method of payment.

A selection of items for relocation (tippets, stoles, frontals, etc.) will be available for your inspection to be relocated to another Rhode Island altar. Please know your altar measurements if you are looking for a frontlet or frontal.