It’s time to get those orders in this week.  Marklin Candle Company has always produced a high-quality product,  http://www.marklincandledesign.com/paschalcandles.html but their prices have gone up this year as well as shipping.  The average 36 inch, 1 15/16″ diameter candle plus shipping is now in the $240 range.  An alternative might be a Cathedral Brand Paschal candle which is a good value and may be purchased through Egan Church Supply (also known as Laurence Candle Co.) at 1-800-722-6353.  They are located in Millbury Mass.  This year’s brochure shows a handsome selection. You will want to have 51% beeswax (both Marklin and Cathedral candles are 51%), the Alpha and Omega symbols, and the year’s numerals 2009 on the candle, and of course the incense grain “nails”.