Today we have a message from Sarah in Kentucky-


“This is very helpful as we have a lot of frayed linens and vestments. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (program for children) can use some of them.
BUT do you know of anyone who is marketing kits so that guilds can put together their own vestments and/or linens? I have heard of such a thing but am unable to find it.  Love your website!”

Yes, there are many possibilities for making your own fair linens and small linens.  Have a look at this link http://www.holyneedle.com/store/customer/product.php?productid=99&cat=1  free instructions for making the linens are included with this pattern for the embroidery.  Also check out  this link for how-to and supplies for making linens including acrylic pall inserts http://www.churchlinens.com/sewing_church_linens.htm and every sacristy should have a copy of Bunny’s book, Sewing Church Linens (available from Morehouse Publishing).  Copies are also available on Amazon and other used book sites.  Here is a nice page on Church Sew with books which are helpful http://www.churchsew.com/ResourceList.htm  Let us know how your project is coming.  Don’t forget, you might be able to recycle an old fair linen into purificators or other small linens.  The leftover cloth scraps should be burned.

Vestment patterns are available at the Church Sew link and kits at this site http://www.sewvestment.com/