A few inquiries have come in this month already.  One concerns a white damask chasuble with gold satin lining which has suffered a very extensive wine stain which has “set” from a long time ago.  The hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid Dawn spot cleaning has only been somewhat successful in lightening the dreadful stain.  Even the local drycleaner is baffled.  The problem is greatly compounded when the wine stain has had a long time to set in.  There is a product called Wine-Away which can sometimes work on tough red wine stains. They have a toll-free number: 1-888-946-3292.  I have spoken to the Wine Away folks at Evergreen Labs in Washington State (very nice people too!) and the product may be purchased over the phone using Visa or Mastercard.  The liquid comes in a variety of amounts:


2 ounce bottle, 8 ounce, 12 ounce, gallon, emergency kits mini-packs, and duo kits of all ounce-sizes featuring TWO bottles in each quantity.  The most economical is the gallon size which costs 45.00 which comes with a sprayer and an empty 12 ounce bottle which you may refill.  The shipping on this gallon size will be $14.00.  If you are viewing this site from the UK, go to Lakeland.com to order this product.  Wine Away has NO DYES OR BLEACHES.