As we approach 10,000 visits to topics on this site, it is interesting to see what has proved most interesting to readers.  The top “hits” to the site have concerned how to make Advent wreaths with 439 visits to that topic.  The second favorite is filet crochet for church linens and vestments.  Some of the old patterns so popular in the 1940’s and 50’s are much in demand.  I have collected these for many years, along with edging patterns. I will be delving into the archive to reproduce these here on the site.  In all cases, the companies which published these patterns and pattern booklets are now out of business, some patterns are even older and go back to the turn of the twentieth century.  Right click on the photo of the pattern to save it to your computer and select “full page print” for your printer properties when you print the pattern out for your own use.  With all the bad weather we have been having lately, it seems a good time to crochet! This one is from London, 1905 from Weldon’s Ecclesiastical Laces.