Thanks to Susan Bergstrand who has sent in some photos of Christmas decorations this year from Church of the Epiphany.  White Christmas was the inspiration. The Paschal candle was decorated with white roses and million star baby’s breath and the green wreaths were trimmed in rich creamy velvet. Poinsettias?- all white!  The credence table was especially lovely with some unexpected blossoms of tulips.  Pew ends and a swag of greens on the pulpit are very festive touches. The winterberry and hyperion berries are also an inspired touch on the tree and window decorations. What a welcoming vision to see that glowing tree shining in the night for passersby and neighbors. Thanks for sharing, Susan- just lovely.

“We went with the white Christmas theme. Everyone loved it.  We also had a huge Christmas tree for the first time that was visible through the glass doors as you entered the church and through a large window facing the street. The tree was decorated with natural material-mostly silver dollar plant and winter berries and pearl beads.  The white LED lights gave a bluish glow.  It was topped with a silver star. I had the tree on a timer and a church neighbor called and asked if we could keep the tree lit later into the night because she enjoyed seeing it!”