The prayers and hymn below come from St. Augustine’s Prayerbook.  I have had these laminated for use near the Christmas Crib during Christmastide and Epiphany.  They may be left on a prayer desk in front of the Nativity scene .  This is an especially good time to also leave an inexpensive notepad, or little binder notebook with pen so visitors to the Christmas Crib may write down prayer petitions when they come to kneel before the manger.

Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book is an Anglo-Catholic devotional book published for members of the Episcopal Church by the Anglican monastic community the Order of the Holy Cross.

The first edition of this little book of devotions was edited by Fr. Loren Gavitt and published in 1947. Now in its seventeenth printing of the revised edition from 1967 it remains a popular-selling book among members of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada. It is considered a companion to the prayers and devotions of the Book of Common Prayer (American editions of 1928 and 1979). In addition to various prayers and devotions, it includes the order of Mass according to the Anglican Missal, with the Prayer Book Canon of the Mass. (Wikipedia).