Amaryllis bulbs- a nice alternative to poinsettias-plant early!

Unbelievably, it seems, Christmas Eve is only 4 weeks away.  The annual appeal for Christmas flower and greens should now be appearing in Sunday bulletins, church December newsletters, and web sites.  Over the next week, this site will be entirely devoted to ideas, photos, and tips for decorating the church for Christmas and Epiphanytide.  This Sunday, the Advent wreath will make its appearance as we head into a new church year, Lectionary Year B.  Some churches display plain green wreaths on their front doors or wreaths with purple bows.  This is also the time to check supplies for the very busy weeks to come.

1. Take inventory of wine and bread or wafer supplies and order now if supplies are low.

2. Make sure the white and red sets of vestments and paraments are in good order and ready for use.

3. Check last year’s budget for flowers and decorations, and make sure this year’s dedication forms and envelopes are easily accessible in the narthex, weekly bulletins, guild hall. etc. Give a deadline for returns.

4. Don’t wait until the last minute to polish brass and silver.

5. Make a rota of who will be around over the holidays to water and maintain flowers and plants. 

6. Catch up on any mending and ironing of fair linens and small linens so the drawers are full.

7. Be sure to have a sacristy “wishlist” with several needed items at the ready.  Christmas is often a time in which benefactors wish to donate an item for church use such as a vessel or vestment, linens or brassware.

8. Purchase topsoil and any bulb plants which will be used for Christmas decorating.  Pot soon for blooming Christmas week. Flowers of the Holy Land include bulb plants such as crocus, amaryllis, lilies, as well as aloes, hibiscus, roses, Stars of Bethlehem, cypress, cedar, and olive greenery.

cyclamenWhite cyclamen in miniature or large- sized blooms makes a great long-lasting potted plant.  It also comes in red, pink, and red-orange. These make great plants to take to shut-ins after Christmas.  Paperwhite bulbs are another fragrant addition which may be started now in pots.