As the rain came down in torrents outside, the guild hall of the Church of the Epiphany was cozy and warm as altar guild members from eight area churches gathered for a Christmas decorating workshop.  After discussing flower budgets, what materials are legal to use according to R.I. guidelines, and ideas for decorations, there was a slide presentation on what to avoid in decorating sacred spaces. A flower -arranging demonstration featuring designs for nave window baskets and embellishing a candle using a jello mold ring as a mechanic for holding floral foam followed an enjoyable refreshment interlude.  The three-hour workshop concluded with a tour of the sanctuary and new sacristy, where we learned a great trick for stole storage in the form of a Shaker-style peg rack. No folds and creases!


We also delighted in inspecting the new storage units which were recently installed for hanging storage, and drawers for parament storage.  Perhaps one of the best tips we gathered was the use of plexiglass inserts into the bottom of candlestick cups which prevent the dripping of hot wax into the bottom of the cup.  The insert is somewhat like a bobeche which fits around the candle base and effectively protects the deep cup from becoming filled with wax.  Great idea! (see photo below).


 My thanks to Susan Bergstrand, the Rev’d Jennifer L. Pedrick, and the ladies of Epiphany’s altar guild for providing a delightful venue for our workshop. Agendas and notes from the morning will be posted here later for those who could not attend. Special thanks also for the tour of the church-what a joy to see such a perfectly organized and meticulously-kept sacristy! 

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