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While visiting the Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Monastery giftshop some years ago, on a quest to buy incense (they make their own there which is wonderful), I learned of an order of Orthodox nuns which are only a few minutes from the monastery.  The order has been established over 30 years and offers many beautiful things for sale from hand-dipped pure beeswax tapers (made at the convent) to vestments to mother of pearl and olive wood crosses from the Holy Land to books and greeting cards.  Their cassocks are fastidiously constructed and sewn. But I was transported by a special visit within the cloister to the icon room, where, on the day of my visit, I saw a commissioned icon of St. Therese which was so beautiful I could not look away from it. The icons are written overlooking a garden which is like a little view of paradise  -it is very hard to go back out into the world after a visit to the convent or to the monastery!  The Sisters offer many lovely things for Christmas giving and the new items which are unique must surely be their icon buttons and pins. To see their online catalogue and order form, please visit this link http://www.holynativityconvent.com/Catalog.html The Sisters support the order by their handiwork, and their prayerful dedication and quality of workmanship will be immediately evident.