Nothing says welcome to visitors or newcomers like fresh greens or flowers on the church doors or in the narthex or porch.

With Advent fast approaching, some churches welcome the season with fresh, undecorated green wreaths or swags on the front door.  Boxwood wreaths with deep purple velvet bows are sometimes seen, but swags are a simple and a cheaper alternative which you can make yourself in less than a half hour.  You will need:

One old-fashioned wire coat hanger, about 24 inches of chicken wire, floral wire, green chenille pipe cleaners, pruning shears, a variety of evergreens such as cedar, pine, spruce, bayberry, hemlock, fir, dried lavender or dried purple hydrangeas, 6 yards of purple or Advent blue-violet velvet ribbon ( 2 1/2 -3 inches wide)

 The swags can receive new ribbons later on for Christmas, with perhaps a fresh trim of lady apples. pinecones and pepperberries.  The video below will give you great instructions on how to put this all together!