Every sacristy has a few of these- a beloved rector’s frayed old stole with the beautiful Tudor Rose embroidery, the black velvet requiem cope which is threadbare but still has a magnificent shield filled with metallic goldwork embroidery- lace alb cuffs, whitework pall motifs, etc. etc.  You can’t bear to burn these, -so what to do?  There are a few ways for these beloved pieces of the Past to continue into the future.  The vesicas, motifs, galloon, embroideries, orphreys, lace, crochetwork, and fragments can be “harvested” and re-applied to new vestments, or they might be beautifully framed to enhance the walls of your sacristy, guild hall or elsewhere for an appreciative audience to enjoy for decades to come.

“The icons above were made from scans of some framed parts of various vestments and altar hangings used in the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana that were about to be retired and destroyed” The slideshow below features rescued and framed fragments. “Some of the more energetic ladies of the Episcopal Dioceses of Texas and Louisiana have found a way to offer these old friends a second life of service – a chance to continue to grace our lives and our memories”.  What a brilliant solution-