The Sisters of St. Margaret are an Episcopal religious order of women with headquarters located at the main Convent in Boston. Closely connected with the Convent is St. Margaret’s in Duxbury, a seaside retreat and conference center 37 miles south of Boston. They also maintain three mission houses in addition to the motherhouse in Boston.  The Sisters’ mission in Haiti is serving many urgent needs which are aided by the making and sale of altar linens.

The Sisters direct the Church Linens Project. They buy pure imported linen from Belgium. Hand-embroidered and hand-hemmed purificators, corporals, and larger linens are then shipped to parishes in the USA and Canada. This is a source of income for the Sisters and for the women who help them. A brochure with designs and prices is available upon request by calling Sr. Claire Marie at 617-445-8961 x230.

For more about the Order visit their website at  http://www.ssmbos.com/