The past few weekends have been pretty soggy for tramping through the woods and gardens in search of materials for drying.  The weatherman has predicted a good weekend coming so it’s time to get out the secaturs and take advantage of the sunshine.  I had a good crop of sedum this year- (Autumn Joy) and also some great Echinops (which are now brown).  The Rosa Rugosa out at Misquamicut Beach are simply drooping on the ground with fat bright orange rose hips.   The late hydrangeas have all turned that nice greeny-purple and are ready to lay out on screens to dry and the grapevines are still soft and pliable.  Michelmas (Saint Michael’s Mass) has come and gone and I have always been sorry we do not celebrate the Harvest Festival in our churches as they do in England in September.  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, there is not much left in the wild for us to scavenge from Mother Nature-so we need to gather and dry now.  There’s nothing so beautiful on a church altar than perfectly polished brass vases filled with rose hips and branches of glorious fiery sugar maple leaves.  Happy Gathering!

I leave for vacation tomorrow for points north, and plan to visit several churches in Boston. I will be back Tuesday night with photos of my “church crawl” to share.