A few years ago I walked into St. Columba’s Church on Aquidneck Island and heard the most exquisite chant coming from behind a curtain on the chancel.  I half expected to see a column of solemn monks enter in procession.  I sat in the empty church, which must surely be one of the loveliest churches in the diocese, and was caught up in the music, the sun glowing through the stained glass, and the feeling of timelessness there.  Since then I have encountered other churches which have soft sacred music playing in the background during the day when the church is open to visitors, and whether it is chant, or Palestrina, or Bach organ music, it adds another sensory dimension to being in a sacred space.  Recently I discovered a remarkable boys choir in England, called Libera which has put a fresh interpretation on familiar sacred music and has adapted some contemporary and secular music for sacred use.  The choir is famous all over Europe and is making some tours now in America.  The selection you will hear in the video below is the familiar Pachelbel Canon in D but has the text of the Sanctus .  Your altar guild may occasionally enjoy beautiful sacred music when doing the Saturday morning church chores, polishing brass in the sacristy, preparing the church for a major feast day, or arranging the altar flowers.   The music of Libera is available on compact disc from Amazon.com.  Glorious.