Are your albs looking a little gray?  Got stains?  Need something safe for laces and delicate linens?  BIZ is the answer!  BIZ has been around a long time as a detergent laundry powder.   http://www.bizisbetter.com/  Available at Walmart, the little blue box may be the cure for dingy whites in the sacristy and is available in powder or liquid.  I prefer the powder and a session on a clothesline out in the autumn sun for whitening yellowish or gray white linens and cotton-poly blend albs.  BIZ makes a wonderful pre-soak dissolved in hot water for small linens, and is safe for linen chalice palls with lace trim, or other more delicate items in the sacristy.  For whitening small linens, fill a small plastic dishpan basin with hot water, add a quarter cup of Biz powders and agitate until the water is foamy.  Drop in small linens and soak for several hours, rinse thoroughly and place small linens on the clothesline or on a clean white towel or sheet outside to whiten in the sun.  Sprinkle, roll in white towel and place in refrigerator for a couple of hours prior to ironing.  Chilled, damp linens will iron smoother and more easily.  Do not use steam feature on the iron. Do not use sizing or spray starch on linens. This procedure will work for large fair linens which may be soaked in a washing machine tub.  Follow directions on the box for larger loads.  BIZ is recommended by LACIS http://lacis.com/  Be sure fair linens are dry before rolling. Linens which are stored damp will mildew.  The first pass will dry out the dampness, the “polishing pass” should dry out and smooth every wrinkle.  It is helpful to have a large fair linen roll off the ironing board onto a table or bed or countertop before rolling onto roller.  For longterm storage, acid- free tissue is best and can be used to cover regular cardboard roller tubes.