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I first had the great pleasure of meeting Elizabeth “Bunny” Morgan in the spring of 1996 when she came to Christ Church, Westerly to give a Saturday morning workshop to the altar guild there.  Bunny arrived with her sewing machine, magic ruler, pall-making kits, linen samples, and many years of experience and tips to share with us.  As former Altar Guild Directress for Bishop Ball in the Diocese of Albany, Bunny dazzled us with her 9-triangle cope pattern, techniques for making and sewing our own fair linens and small linens, and opened up a treasure trove of resources for purchasing great quality bolt linen, embroidery supplies, vestment patterns and damasks, silks, and all sorts of wonderful possibilities.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and her energy and dedication is amazing.  Bunny travels all around the country doing workshops and is the single greatest resource I know for Do-It-Yourself techniques and supplies.  Her humor and practical approach are a breath of fresh air and her indispensible book, Sewing Church Linens needs to be on everybody’s sacristy shelf.  Morehouse Publishing is currently in the process of reprinting the book, and the minute it becomes available again I will post the news.  Amazon.com is selling it used for $95.00!!! so do wait until the new editions come out.  In the meantime, visit Bunny’s web site and see all the supplies available there for church sewing, books, links, and other wonderful things.  http://www.churchlinens.com/