A newer frontal shape from the studio of Juliet Hemingray, UK

So often when we need to order a new set of vestments or paraments for the altar, the easiest thing to do is pick up the Almy catalogue or one of the other liturgical supply catalogues which features every possible church supply need.  There are many small companies, artisan studios and convents which produce magnificent and high-quality work at good value.  With today’s high price tag for vestments and paraments, quality and durability are key factors in making a selection as well as design, artistic merit and suitability for your worship space.  I hope to showcase on this web site some lesser-known resources for vestments and paraments as well as resources for vestments for women clergy . 

Juliet Hemingray’s online catalogue may be found at her website http://www.church-textiles.co.uk/ and features beautiful contemporary vestments and antependia.  You can subscribe to her online newsletter at no cost.

Enthronement Cope designed by Juliet Hemingray in 1991 for the Archbishop of Canterbury  http://www.church-textiles.co.uk/framain.htm  based on the compass rose  window of Canterbury Cathedral.

It is helpful for altar guilds to maintain a wishlist of items desired and needed for the sacristy at all times, as benefactors may appear unexpectedly wishing to donate a memorial, or an item in thanksgiving or in honor of someone or some occasion, and a clear list, with some photographs, sources and prices at the ready can be a real aid in helping your benefactor chose something your parish really needs.  This might be an agenda item for your next altar guild meeting.