Many cruet sets are made with such a small top opening that it is difficult to clean wine residue from the bottoms.  There are several methods for cleaning out this build up.  A handful of raw rice can be poured into the cruet along with a little cold water and swished around vigorously, or for very stubborn build up, a fizzy denture tablet such as Efferdent can be broken up and put into the cruet with water and left overnight.  The cruet should be sparkling the next morning and will need only a rinse out.  A soft baby’s bottle nipple brush is also a handy tool for getting into the bottom of cruets.  Silverplated cruets can benefit from pouring boiling water into the cruet and allowing it to soak overnight to dissolve the wine sugars.  Boiling water will not hurt metal cruets.

Wine should never be stored long term in silver or silverplated cruets.  Unconsecrated wine after Communion may be returned to the glass bottle using a small plastic funnel or poured off into a glass cruet for use at a later service.