Members from the altar guilds of St. Barnabas, St. David-on-the-Hill and Church of the Ascension met this morning at St. Barnabas’ for a three-hour workshop encompassing many areas of guild work.  Items from the sacristy were on display, along with photo albums featuring vestments and flower arrangements, festival flower ideas, and a book stall of titles from Morehouse Publishing.  Following an altar guild “quiz” the morning’s agenda covered a wide range of topics from stain removal, new products on the market, replating of vessels, and textile conservation to wax removal and good choices for altar candles and wines. A future workshop is planned to discuss Christmas flowers and church holiday decoration ideas.  My thanks to Joan Scofield of St. Barnabas for the invitation to visit and for arranging such a lovely tea table for the gathering.  Let’s get together more often!