Are you tired of Tawny Port bought from a liquor store but don’t know where to find a good sacramental wine for your altar?  Rubrics of the church prefer an unfortified, pure grape red for altar use.  A great mid-priced, fruity red sacramental wine is Saint Michael’s red, made solely for the altar, and a favorite of our own bishop.  Please check out the links below to learn what makes an altar wine preferable to dinner table wines made for secular use. 

Onehda Vineyards, New York State  St. Michael’s Red 69.95 12 bottle case (750 ml bottles)  http://www.onehda.com/index.php?pr=Contact_Us  or to read about the vineyard and hear an interview about the history of the vineyard and their sacramental wines, http://www.onehda.com/index.php?pr=Audio_Interview

http://www.eganchurchsupply.com/cs/wine.htm  Suppliers of Onehda Altar Wines

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