shelley.jpg Greetings from your Diocesan Altar Guild Director!

I hope this little web log will prove a useful resource and contact for information regarding care of linens, vestments, supplies, helpful tips, and other matters concerning the preparation of our altars for worship.  There are many altar guild workers in the state of Rhode Island with DECADES of experience, and I hope you will share your knowledge with us all. 

First of all, you are probably wondering WHO is this person “blogging” away about altar guilds in Rhode Island?  My name is Shelley Dziedzic, and I have been appointed, as are all Diocesan Directors by the bishop to serve as a resource for all Episcopal churches within the state.  My predecessor was Eileen Newell, who held this position for many years.

 I have met some parish guild members and directors at the convocation workshops I have given at Roger Williams College and at the Marriott in Providence, but I suspect many do not know me or how I am here to help if needed. Please click on the “About” button at the top of the page to find out more about my experiences in the crucial ministry which is the Altar Guild in every parish.