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We are in Framingham, MA, There are 12 pew torches.  The torches were made about 20 years ago by the students in the metal shop at the local vocational technical high school. There are 3 or 4 different patterns around the part that holds the chimneys (the pew torches are not identical, but they are the same height and design). There is a pair of hooks near the top of each torch that can hold decorations (such as greenery at Christmas or a nosegay at Easter) Dimensions (approximate)
– over all height (excluding chimney): 68″
– base (foot) is 1″ wide and 9″ long, sets on the floor and snugs up
to the end of the pew
– arm is about 32″ off the floor, inside width 2″ and 9.25″ long. The
arm fits loosely over the top of the end of the pew and steadies the
torch. On our pews, there is about an inch of “slack” along long side.

There are 16 glass chimneys that can be used on kerosene lamps.  The chimneys are 3″ in diameter at the bottom and are 8.5″ tall. You can run them
through the dishwasher to clean them.

We are giving away the torches and chimneys.